I've learned that American cranberry suits my family recipe best. Today you can enjoy Cranberry Infused 80 Proof Vodka (our flagship product) and two clear vodkas at 80 and 90 proof. They are so smooth that you can sip them.

Later I learned how to mix cocktails, not just shoot Vodka. I only use my infused vodka for cocktails which makes them quite unique and in a way healthier.

- Reserve Strength Vodka
  90 PROOF (45% ABV)
- Cranberry Premium American Infused Vodka
  80 PROOF (40% ABV)
- Premium American Vodka
  80 PROOF (40% ABV)


Premium Cocktails

It took me a couple months of R&D to discover, calculate, and make it possible to use my family infused vodka for all three cocktails on a production scale. It was very important for me that the cocktails we manufacture match the same quality as our flagship Cranberry Infused Vodka where the base is ---- real cranberry.

This packaging helps save our planet. This box leaves a better footprint as compared to cans.